Documentation of our development process

Development Overview

Having decided upon the ideas we would be working on, we dived right into the prototyping and developing process. We adopted a weekly agile development method, making prototypes through low fidelity to high fidelity, and focusing on different features each week.

As soon as a feature was confirmed desirable, we would start to put it in our fully functioning prototype, so that we can make sure users will be able to put in their own writing content when we test our high fidelity prototypes with them.


Medium Fidelity

In the first iteration, we started with exploring the flow of the learning activities. On each page, we asked participants whether the type of questions and feedback would make sense or be helpful. Then in the next iteration, we shifted focus to put in more real writing content.

High Fidelity

Besides adding color to the user interface, we also focused on testing another iteration of the flow of learning activities.


To maximize interaction, as well as explore the feasibility of the technology, we built out a semi-implemented prototype. Within a month of development, we were able to build out the core functionalities.

Check out the demo!


In order for our client to better evaluate how to carry on with the project, we provide a detailed technology specification for our client to refer to. The documentation includes installation guides and structures of the whole project.

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